Pease & Chitty's Law of Markets and Fairs

Sixth Edition

By Edward F Cousins

Established since 1899 as the standard legal work of reference and vital to UK lawyers, legal officers in local government, market officers, and private market operators, Pease and Chitty's Law of Markets and Fairs includes coverage of the government consultation paper on the market franchise rights, appendices on model by-laws, model regulations and precedents, and full coverage of UK and European case law and developing legislation. This sixth edition contains complete coverage of case law over the last ten years since the previous edition. It includes coverage of the UK's Land Registration Act 2002, which introduced a reduction on overriding interests affecting franchises. All chapters have been updated and a new list of appendices produced.

424 pages

Publication Date: 8/31/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781847667427