A User's Guide to Copyright

Seventh Edition

By Michael Flint, Clive Thorne, Tom Rivers

The new and fully revised 7th edition of this key book is designed to help both practitioners and non-legal professionals understand copyright and design law in the UK, and how it affects you. A User's Guide to Copyright is long established as one of the key texts in the field. Renowned for its practical, user-friendly, and authoritative approach and for its practical application to the main copyright using industries, the book is considered essential reading for legal practitioners, copyright law students and - crucially - for those working in the copyright using industries. Extensively cross-referenced to UK cases, legislation, and leading texts and articles, this book clearly and effectively illustrates and explains the scope and relevance of copyright law in the new digital information era. Legislation and case law includes: WIPO Treaties * Number of EU Directives Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 * Football Association Premier League Case (CJEU (C-403/08)) * Infopaq (C-302/10) * Public Relations Consultants Association v The Newspaper Licensing Agency (C-360/13) * ITV v TVCatchup (C-607/11) * Da Vinci Code Case - Baigent v Random House * Fisher v Brooker 2009 UKHL 41 - The Whiter Shade of Pale Case. Contents include: What is copyright law? * copyright works * originality * qualification of protection and international copyright * breach of confidence and passing off * term of copyright and publication right * restricted acts and acts off secondary infringement * infringement of copyright and remedies * exceptions and defenses to copyright actions * ownership, transmission and licensing of copyright * moral rights * rights in performance * collecting societies, copyright licensing schemes * EU law, competition, and copyright * the protection of designs * the protection of databases * publishers and printers * newspapers, magazines, and periodicals * schools, universities, and other educational establishments * libraries and archives * reprography * the music industry: publishers, composers and the record industry * drama, ballet, and opera production * film and television production * public performance: discos, concert halls, cinemas, etc. * networked communication broadcasting, cable, internet, and mobile transmissions * artists, photographers, art galleries, art dealers, and museums * architects and architecture * advertising agencies * computer software * character merchandising * designers of consumer goods, fashion goods, and spare parts * piracy and counterfeiting.

600 pages

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Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781847666857