Environmental Impact Assessment

Second Edition

By Stephen Tromans

The second edition of this practitioner's text offers practical and comprehensive coverage of the law relating to the UK's environmental impact assessment (EIA), which is an important stage in the planning process. The book sets out the legal requirements relating to EIAs, including the relationship of EU law with domestic law and the resulting cases. The main part concentrates on the role that EIAs play in the planning application process. There is also a section on EIAs in specific contexts such as forestry, archaeology, agriculture, and highways. The work concludes with a section on good practice that offers guidance on scoping the statement, how to write the non-technical summary and certain aspects, such as social impact, air quality, noise, and health risk assessments. It is completely updated to include a detailed examination of UK legislative changes, such as the new Strategic Assessment legislation and the Planning Act 2008; significant developments in international law such as UNECE, Espoo, and Aarhus Conventions; and UK case law, such as R (Wye Valley Action Association Limited) v Herefordshire District Council [2009], that has occurred post the last edition. This work is invaluable for lawyers, local authority planning officers, planning consultants, property developers, and all other professionals who need to know about the planning process.

736 pages

Publication Date: 2/28/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781847666758