Disciplinary Procedures in the Statutory Professions

A Guide to Irish Law

By Eimear Burke, JP McDowell, Aideen Ryan, Simon Mills

This book includes material on disciplinary proceedings involving solicitors and accountants in Ireland. It contains relevant Irish legislation concerning disciplinary matters. The book also contains coverage of Ireland's Nurses and Midwives Bill 2010. Contents include: Part 1 - Principles and Practice: the history and purpose of self-regulating professions * registration * the practice and procedure of the complaints and investigation process * legal principles and the pre-hearing period * the hearing, witnesses and evidence * legal principles and the hearing * decisions of tribunals * review/appeal of decisions * other relevant disciplinary considerations *** Part 2 - The Professions: medical practitioners * health and social care professionals * pharmacy * opticians * dentists * nurses act * vets.

350 pages

Publication Date: 5/31/2011
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781847666697

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