Consumer Credit Law and Practice - A Guide

Fourth Edition

By Dennis Rosenthal

Consumer Credit Law and Practice: A Guide is a useful single volume on the subject of UK consumer credit. The book covers all aspects of consumer credit and consumer hire, contract terms, credit products, security instruments, procedures, practical problems, and regulatory controls in the UK. Written in a clear and penetrating style, this fourth edition includes coverage of changes to the UK's Consumer Credit Act 1974 and regulations implemented by the EC Consumer Credit Directive ('CCD') (Directive 2008/48/EC) on consumer credit agreements. It also includes references to recent case law and the addition of the following chapters: The General Structure of Consumer Credit Legislation; Discrete Consumer Credit Agreements; and Future Prospects. The book also contains useful information on the credit industry, including statistical details on credit and debit cards, licenses, and fraud.

634 pages

Publication Date: 4/30/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781847665027