Ancillary Discovery

A Guide to Irish Law

By David O'Neill

This title deals with disclosure of information outside the Rules of Court, for example, as an independent action, in aid of tracing remedies, in aid of Mareva injunctions or Anton Piller orders, or, in the Republic of Ireland, the Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act. It deals with this area in Ireland (North and South), England, and Wales. -- Chp 1: Introduction Chp 2: Historical Background to the Action for Discovery Chp 3: Modern Revival of the Action in Ireland and England Chp 4: Time for and Manner of Seeking Substantive Discovery Chp 5: Involvement Sufficient to Oust the 'Mere Witness' Rule Chp 6: Newspapers, Printers and Reading Rooms Repeal Act Chp 7: Discovery of Evidence other than Parties' Identities Chp 8: Action for Discovery in aid of Particular Remedies Chp 9: The Court's Discretion and Factors Affecting its Exercise Chp 10: The Action for Discovery and Journalists Chp 11: Privacy and Data Protection Chp 12: Methods of Giving Effect to Discovery by Action Chp 13: Costs of an Action for Discovery Chp 14: Tracing, Following and the Enforcement of Trusts Chp 15: Anton Piller Orders Chp 16: Mareva Injunctions and Disclosure in Aid Chp 17: Ne exeat and Execution Orders Chp 18: Statutory Discovery Before Action and from Non-Parties Chp 19: Implied Undertaking on Discovery Chp 20: Objections to Discovery

468 pages

Publication Date: 11/30/2009
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781847664853