Flat Schemes in Residential and Mixed Use Developments

Third Edition

By Richard Quenby, Sarah E Keegan

Flat Schemes in Residential and Mixed Use Developments, 3rd Edition, is a combined and specialist reference source on the sale and purchase of flats in the UK, with particular emphasis upon devising, drafting, and reviewing a flat scheme. The book provides guidance on all of these areas from the points of view of the developer, the landlord, and the flat buyer. It contains 18 new precedents including documentation to assist with site set ups, leases, and agreements between developers and tenants' management companies, which are also included on the accompanying CD-ROM. In the UK's recent boom of flat schemes, developers and conveyancers alike have had to grapple with the advent of commonhold, affordable housing requirements, the collective rights of long leaseholders to acquire and manage the development, changes in UK Land Registry practice, and the myriad legal and commercial problems generated by the unprecedented growth in mixed use city center development. This title will arm the commercial and high-street property lawyer - as well as conveyancers, developers, and surveyors - with crucial knowledge of how to practice and plan in the ever growing area of urban development.

330 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2010
Format: Paper & CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781847662446