Intellectual Property and Media Law Companion

Fourth Edition

By Alasdair Bleakley, Edward Baden-Powell, Jeffrey Enerberi

In an era of convergence and with the ever-increasing value of content and brands, intellectual property law and media law have never been more significant. This title combines UK intellectual property and media law in one book. It provides a clear and concise examination of the law, practice, and procedure of intellectual property and media law, covering copyright, patents, trademarks, design protection, and database rights. The book uses graphics, flowcharts, bullet points, and summaries to present this complex subject in a format that is easy to read and recall. This fourth edition has been substantially revised and updated to take account of the latest UK legislation and procedures. It includes expanded sections on confidential information and content clearance, and it contains an in-depth look at the application of the law in the music, film, television, and marketing industries, with an explanation of common deal terms for media agreements and a focus on the impact of new media.

560 pages

Publication Date: 3/31/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781847660428

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