Epigraphy in an intermedial context

Edited by: Alessia Bauer, Elise Kleivane, Terje Spurkland

The term epigraphy refers to inscriptions on hard material such as stone, metal and wood. The contributions discuss conceivable considerations that lie behind the choice of medium for a written message, and other features that accompany the script such as pictures and different types of naturalistic and non-naturalistic decorations. When studying epigraphic texts we are also dealing with archaeological finds embedded in a particular context. An inscribed artifact is therefore a multifaceted object of investigation; it calls for an interdisciplinary approach in an intermedial perspective. This book is a collection of essays on Viking Age and medieval epigraphy from Northern Europe from a perspective of intermediality. [Subject: Art History; Viking Studies; Medieval history; Northern Europe; Epigraphy]

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Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846827167