The Irish-Scottish World in the Middle Ages

Edited by: Sean Duffy, David Ditchburn, Peter Crooks

In this volume, the proceedings of the 2nd Trinity Medieval Ireland Symposium (marking the 700th anniversary of the invasion of Ireland by Edward, brother of King Robert Bruce of Scotland), a host of experts here explore crucial aspects of Irish-Scottish links in the Middle Ages. Do the origins of modern Scotland lie in Ireland? To what extent did the legacy of Colum Cille of Iona define relations between the two regions - in political, ecclesiastical, literary and artistic terms? Is the Book of Kells 'Irish' or 'Scottish'? What were the impacts of Viking and then Anglo-Norman attempts at conquest? Did contacts intensify with the recruitment of Hebridean galloglass by the chieftains of Gaelic Ulster and elsewhere or were ancient bonds on the wane as the Middle Ages drew to a close? Contents: Dauvit Broun (U Glasgow), Ireland and the beginnings of Scotland; Thomas Owen Clancy (U Glasgow), Scotland and Ireland before 800; James E. Fraser (U Guelph), Ireland and the Christianization of Scotland; Bernard Meehan (TCD), The art of early medieval Ireland and Scotland; Benjamin Hudson (Penn State U), The literary world of early medieval Ireland and Scotland; Alex Woolf (U St Andrews), The Scottish and Irish church in the tenth to twelfth centuries; R.A. McDonald (Brock U), Ireland, Scotland and the kingdom of the Isles; Michael Penman (U Stirling), The Bruce invasion of Ireland: a Scottish perspective; Sean Duffy (TCD), The Bruce invasion of Ireland: an Irish perspective; Robin Frame (Durham U), The earldom of Ulster between England and Scotland; Katharine Simms (TCD), Scotland and the politics of Gaelic Ulster; Martin MacGregor (U Glasgow), Identity and culture in late-medieval Scotland and Ireland; Michael Brown (U St Andrews), Scotland and Ireland in the late Middle Ages.

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Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846826351