Dublin, 1950-1970

Houses, flats and high-rise

By Joseph Brady

Housing is the single biggest land use in any city and the 1950s and particularly the 1960s, saw Dublin having to expand beyond the city boundaries in order to meet the demand for houses. Dublin Corporation was an active builder, though it slowed its housing provision for some years in the late 1950s, and large developments appeared on the northern edge of the city where most land was available. This was also the period when home ownership became much more common in the private market and the scale of house building reflected a growing city and a more confident economy. Builders sought to build estates but without an 'estate look' and looked to the US for marketing approaches. This volume explores a myriad of issues from this time and, as is standard for this series, will be enhanced by a significant number of illustrations. It will be followed by the seventh volume in the series, Dublin in the 1960s: the car, the office and the suburbs (Winter 2016). (Series: The Making of Dublin City) [Subject: 20th Century History, Architecture, Urban Planning & Growth, Ireland]

Publication Date: 9/16/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846825996

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