The Dublin Civic Portrait Collection

Patronage, Politics and Patriotism, 1603-2013

By Mary Clark

Beginning in the early 17th century and continuing to the present day, the city of Dublin has built up a portrait collection that is unique in terms of range and diversity, and is brilliantly expressive of the political aspirations and realities that have informed its creation. The collection contains sixty-six works in oil-on-canvas and eight statues in bronze and marble. These can be placed in three principal categories: royal personages, lord lieutenants of Ireland, and lord mayors and aldermen of Dublin. The collection includes works by Irish artists Thomas Hickey, Hugh Douglas Hamilton, Martin Cregan, Stephen Catterson Smith, Dermod O'Brien, Robert Ballagh, and Carey Clarke, as well as by leading English portraitists, including Sir Joshua Reynolds, George Romney, Sir William Beechey, and Sir Thomas Lawrence. This lavishly illustrated book contains a catalogue of the entire collection with an introduction placing it within the broader context of civic imagery and regalia, giving due regard to ceremony, heraldry, dress, and accoutrements of office. The Dublin collection is placed within its historical context to show how developments in Dublin, and in Ireland as a whole, influenced its formation. The book illuminates the complex relationship between politics, pageantry, art, and history in the Irish capital over a sustained period of 400 years. [Subject: Art History, Irish Studies]

Publication Date: 5/13/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846825842