The Art, Literature and Material Culture of the Medieval World

Edited by: Meg Boulton, Jane Hawkes, Melissa Herman

The medieval period was long viewed as an unenlightened counterpoint to the 'Classical' and the 'Renaissance,' being perceived as static compared to their pivotal dynamism. In this book, the wider debate about cultural crossroads in the medieval period is readdressed, to ask what the medieval was, is, and might be. Contents include: The Changing Middle Ages * Medieval Material Culture and Social Change * Coming and Going at Ruthwell: Adventus and Transition * St. Everilda: Evidence for a Saint's Cult in Transition * The Wics in Old English Poetry * Anglo-Saxon Skeuomorphs and the Kirkdale Grave-Slab * The Morgan Leaf * Two Recycled Evangelist Pictures * Compunction in the Insular World * The Human Figure in Early Anglo-Saxon Art * The Aesthetics of Transition on the Franks Casket * Becoming Christian, Being Christian in Early Medieval Europe * An Iconography of Architectural Images in Oxford University College MS 165 * The Joseph Cycle in the Sculpture Series of Salisbury Cathedral Chapter House * A 14th-Century Pilgrimage Account from Ireland * Transition and the Orkney Islands from Antiquity to Bede * Domestic and Social Practice in Later Medieval Cordoba, Spain * A Case-Study in Recovering Old English Folk-Taxonomies. [Subject: History, Medieval Studies, Art, Literature, Irish Studies]

Publication Date: 9/25/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846825613