The Law School of University College Dublin

A History

By W.N. Osborough

The Law School of University College Dublin (UCD) has been a key center of legal education and research since its establishment as the Faculty of Law in 1909. The staff, students, and alumni of the school have contributed extensively to the political, economic, and cultural life of Ireland and beyond. In this book, Professor W.N. Osborough, a former Dean of Law at UCD, investigates the internal history of the school, ranging between its origins and survival as a distinct unit, staffing and educational programs, student and faculty life, the governance and decision making structures, its physical environment, the law library, and the relationship of the school to the university and the wider world. Focusing on the period up to the early 2000s, Professor Osborough enhances an understanding of the challenges of legal education and research, and how they have been overcome so as to sustain and develop the position of the law school as an internationally recognized center of excellence. The book includes biographies of prominent members of the law faculty alongside features on students of the school, including Kevin O'Higgins, John J. Webb, and Brian MacKenna in the early 20th century; Fernand E.J. Justice, Belgian diplomat and the first student to receive a PhD in the school of law; and future Chief Justices Thomas O'Higgins and Thomas Finlay. [Subject: Legal Education, Legal History, Irish Law]

Publication Date: 10/19/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846825422