Hearing Heaney

The sixth Seamus Heaney lectures

Edited by: Eugene McNulty, Ciaran Mac Murchaidh

The impact of Seamus Heaney on the cultural landscape has been profound and far reaching. His sure footed voice has been an important record of our time and place, a tuning fork sending back signals from the place where language meets pure ideas. Hearing Heaney is a collection of responses to Heaney's vision and clarity of thought, expression, and ideals. Asked to provide readings of Heaney's work, which involved for many a personal reflection on its impact on their work or life, this collection includes contributions from a diverse range of backgrounds: journalists, fellow poets, and academics. These diverse essays provide the reader with a fascinating series of lenses through which to view the achievement of Heaney's work and its lasting impact on the world of language and art. Contents include: The Seamus Heaney Lecture Series: Beginnings * Of Bogs, Bodies, and Sagas * Reluctant Amoralist: Seamus Heaney's Physical World * Between the Lines: The Writer's Heaney * Seamus Heaney: Part of What We Are * Crossing Borders: Heaney and the 'Ulster Thing' * Punishment and the Costs of Knowledge * Ireland's Fractal Futures: Heaney, Translation, and Mobility * Learning from Heaney: The Poet and Arts Based Educational Research * Words into Action: Re-hearing Antigone's Claim. [Subject: Irish Studies, Literary Criticism]

Publication Date: 11/27/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846825279