Space and Settlement in Medieval Ireland

Edited by: Terry Barry, Vicky McAlister

This volume is a selection of some of the most inspirational papers given at the first three 'Space and Settlement' conferences held annually at Trinity College, Dublin. Each contribution represents the 'new frontier' of research in this growing field of academic endeavor, which broadly embraces the disciplines of history, geography, and archaeology. Contents include: Space, Settlement and Medieval Atlanticism * Viking Age Hoards: Trade and Exchange * Mapping Urban Space and Settlement * Castlemore Deserted Medieval Village * Reconstructing Battlefield Landscapes * The Tower Houses of Co. Down, Stylistic Similarity, Functional Difference * Decline of Tower Houses * Medieval Rural Settlement * Viking Waterford * Leinster Ringworks * Deer Parks. [Subject: History, Medieval Studies, Irish Studies, Archaeology, Geography]

Publication Date: 11/20/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846825002