Dante and the Seven Deadly Sins

Edited by: John C. Barnes, Daragh O'Connell

CONTENTS: John Took (U College London), Dante, pride and the gentle dialectic of love; Daragh O'Connell (UCC), Envy at the court of vice; Stefano Cracolici (U Durham), Dante on wrath; Hannah Skoda (St John's College, Oxford), Anger in Inferno and Purgatorio; Marco Dorigatti (U Oxford), Dante and the capital sin of Accidia; George Ferzoco (U Bristol), The 'sin' and 'sinners' of Inferno III ; Robert Black (U Leeds), Dante and avarice; Margaret More O'Ferrall (Dublin), Dante, avarice and the Roman dimension; Guyda Armstrong (U Manchester), Materiality, corporeality and the book; Tristan Kay (U Notre Dame), Dante's ambivalence towards the lustful; Angelo Maria Mangini (U Exeter), Lust, pride, sloth and the Ghost of Guido Cavalcanti; John C. Barnes (UCD), Deadly sins in Dante's autobiography; Christian Moevs (U Notre Dame), Contemplation, deadly sins and the Commedia.

288 pages

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ISBN: 9781846824197

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