The Old Library, Trinity College Dublin, 1712-2012

Edited by: W.E. Vaughan

In this book, contributors explore many of the features of a remarkable building - the Old Library at Trinity College, Dublin. They include: Lydia Ferguson on Paul Pollard's collection of children's books * Nicholas Robinson on caricatures * Jane Maxwell on the Beckett Papers * Caoimhe Ni Ghormain on Irish MSS * Robert Armstrong on the Gilbert Collection * Elizabethanne Boran on students' book-borrowing in the early 18th-century * John Byrne on the digitization of the 1872 Printed Catalogue * Susie Bioletti on the pioletti on the pigments of the Book of Kells * Karen Brown on the Cuala Press Archive * Fiana Griffin on the papers of the Harry Clarke studios * Michael Halliday on the sporting archive * P.J. Hartigan on the common diseases of the horse * Jacqueline Hill on Daniel O'Connell's top hat * Felicity O'Mahony on the James Stephens Collection.

480 pages

Publication Date: 1/29/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846823770