Independent Newspapers

A History

Edited by: Kevin Rafter, Mark O'Brien

For over a century, Independent Newspapers has been the most successful media organization in Ireland. From William Martin Murphy to Tony O'Reilly, the newspaper group has long been at the center of public life, often in controversial circumstances. In this revealing book, leading scholars examine the interaction between proprietors and the newspapers, the company's journalists and journalism, and the relationship between the newspapers and Irish society. Contents include: The Origins of Independent Newspapers * William Martin Murphy * Tim Harrington, Editor 1905-31 * The Irish Independent and the Irish Revolution * Tom Grehan: An Advertising Pioneer * 'Irish Ireland' and the Irish Independent * Frank Geary, Editor 1935-61 * Independent Newspapers and the Emergency * Independent Newspapers and Post-War Society * Hector Legge and the Sunday Independent * The Changing of the Guard: 1961-73 * Vinne Doyle, Editor 1981-2005 * Independent Newspapers as Employer * Independent Newspapers and the Newspaper Market * Independent Newspapers as a Global Organization * Proprietors and Independent Newspapers

232 pages

Publication Date: 10/15/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846823602