Portraits of the City

Dublin and the Wider World

Edited by: Gillian O'Brien, Finola O'Kane

Portraits of the City places Dublin at the center of a discussion about the significance of the historic urban landscape. Bringing together experts in art history, architectural history, urban studies, literature, and geography, this multidisciplinary collection examines key issues that affect cities across the world. The book combines detailed studies of often-neglected aspects of Dublin's past, with case studies of Boston, Baghdad, London, Chicago, Lisbon, and Jerusalem. This thought-provoking collection frames the debates that will determine the way in which cities perceive, commemorate, preserve, conserve, or destroy their historic urban landscapes. *** "One of the major themes of the book is the 'topographical way of seeing' -- framing not only the 'physical place of the city,' but also 'its cultural, historic, artistic and intellectual "landscape"'....lavishly peppered with drawings, maps, plans, perspectives, and views in prints, paintings, and photographs, including twenty-three color plates. It represents an important contribution to understanding the history, geography and planning of Dublin in particular and cities more generally." - Irish Literary Supplement, Vol.34, No.1, Fall 2014~

256 pages

Publication Date: 11/26/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846823466