The Triumph of Prudence over Passion by Elizabeth Sheridan

Or, The History of Miss Mortimer and Miss Fitzgerald

Edited by: Aileen Douglas, Ian Campbell Ross

Originally published in 1781, The Triumph of Prudence over Passion; or, The History of Miss Mortimer and Miss Fitzgerald is an unconventional epistolary novel set in Ireland and France in 1779 and 1780, against the background of the patriot political agitation that marked the age of Grattan's parliament. The young women who write the bulk of the novel's letters link the state of Ireland and the condition of its women, powerfully endorsing liberty for both. Their witty and incisive commentary - on political events, male and female relations, education, and national differences - is accompanied by lighter observations on fashion, polite amusements, and affairs of the heart. Yet, while the novel contains several love stories, it departs strikingly from fictional convention by having its heroine refuse to marry her suitor, preferring instead to remain in a single state. The novel, published anonymously, is here attributed for the first time to Ann Elizabeth (Betsy) Sheridan, daughter of the novelist Frances Sheridan and the theatre manager and elocutionist Thomas Sheridan.

200 pages

Publication Date: 7/15/2011
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846822896

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