Clerics, Kings and Vikings

Essays on Medieval Ireland in Honour of Donnchadh O Corrain

Edited by: Emer Purcell, Paul MacCotter, Julianne Nyhan, John Sheehan

This volume contains contributions from leading scholars working at the forefront of Irish medieval studies. It includes essays on archaeology, ecclesiology, hagiography, medieval history, genealogy, language, literature and toponymy. Subjects explored include: Latin and learning in early medieval Ireland; the historical context of early medieval literature; Viking armies and the importance of the Hiberno-Norse naval fleets; Ireland and its connections with the Scandinavian world; recent studies of wooden and Romanesque churches in pre-Norman Ireland; the coming of the Anglo-Normans; hitherto unpublished Anglo Norman charters; the origin and function of medieval rural deaneries; secular and ecclesiastical histories of later medieval Kilkenny; and the 'named son' in 16th-century Ireland. [Subject: History, Medieval Studies, Irish Studies, Archaeology]

800 pages

Publication Date: 9/14/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846822797