The Holy Spirit in the Fathers of the Church

The Proceedings of the Seventh International Patristic Conference, Maynooth, 2008

Edited by: D. Vincent Twomey, Janet E. Rutherford

This volume contains the proceedings of the Seventh International Maynooth Patristic Conference, which was held in 2008. Contents include: The Holy Spirit in the Theology of Irenaeus * Clement and Origen in Context * Cyril of Jerusalem on the Holy Spirit * Didymus the Blind's de Spiritu Sancto and the Development of Nicene Pneumatology * St. Augustine on the Place of the Holy Spirit in the Formation of the Gospels * The Holy Spirit in St. Fulgentius of Ruspe's Ad Moninum * The Holy Spirit in Isaac of Ninevah and East Syrian Mysticism * The Holy Spirit in the Ecclesiology of Photios of Constantinople * Three Modern 'Fathers' on the Filioque: Good, Bad, or Indifferent? * The Holy Spirit and the Marian Typology of St. Ambrose at Vatican II.

203 pages

Publication Date: 9/20/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846822551