Irish Women Artists, 1800-2009

Familiar but Unknown

Edited by: Éimear O'Connor

This collection of essays reveals the life, work, and context of familiar but previously little-known Irish women artists. Contents include: writing Irish women's lives 1800-1950 * Moyra Barry (1885-1960), a forgotten flower painter * Miss Kennedy (c.1830), female sculptor * Miss Battersby's watercolors (c.1801-40) * Louisa, marchioness of Waterford (1818-91) * Anne Acheson (1882-1962) * Evelyn Gleeson and the Irish cultural revival * Mary Swanzy (1882-1978) * Gabriel Hayes (1909-78), an Irish sculptor * Margaret Clarke's history paintings * Nano Reid (1905-81) * (re)writing the domestic into the everyday * scapegoating women artists (1962-84) * women's art practice, modernity, and the hierarchies of 20th-century Irish art * statistical data in bringing women artists in from the margins.

240 pages

Publication Date: 10/26/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846822506