Lawyers, the Law and History

Irish Legal History Society Discourses and Other Papers, 2005-2011

Edited by: N. M. Dawson, Felix M. Larkin

This volume is a wide-ranging collection of legal history studies on aspects of the law and its interaction with wider society in Ireland and Scotland, presented to the Irish Legal History Society. Chapters include: Sir Edward Carson and some aspects of the Archer-Shee case * Ulysses, Joyce, and the law * King's Inns and the foundation of the Inn of Court of Northern Ireland * judicial review and the Constitution - what did the drafters actually intend? * judicial dress in the county and circuit courts * maintaining slavery without a code noir - Scotland 1700-78 * 'The Counsellor': Daniel O'Connell and the law * the Irish Chancery project * sheriffs, landlords, and tenants in Victorian Ireland * W.E. Wylie, KC * on lawyers, their obligations, and the Cicero collection at King's Inns Library * James McGuire's presidential address to the Society (November 2009). (Series: Irish Legal History Society)

344 pages

Publication Date: 8/22/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846822445