Ulster-Scots and America

Diaspora Literature, History and Migration, 1750-2000

Edited by: Richard MacMaster, Frank Ferguson

This collection of essays examines the contribution made by the Ulster-Scots diaspora upon the writing of North America. The book interprets writing in a broad sense and charts the impact of this diaspora upon literary, historical, political, religious, and personal discourses. The collection will suggest that various manifestations of Ulster-Scottish, Scots-Irish and Irish-American textual relationships existed and continue to exist. Themes covered by this collection will include: literary constructions of colonial and post colonial American identity; the linguistic and literary impact of Scots vernacular verse, and Robert Burns in particular, in the United States; polemical writings by Ulster-Scots ?migr?s on slavery; Presbyterianism and transatlantic politics; life histories of Ulster emigration; the inter-relation between Irish poets such as Seamus Heaney and American writing; and contemporary explorations of emigrant narratives in Ulster writing.

288 pages

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Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846822421