Visual, Material and Print Culture in Nineteenth-Century Ireland

Edited by: Catherine Lawless, Ciara Breathnach

This collection emanates from the 2008 Society for the Study of Nineteenth-Century Ireland Conference. Contents: Catherine Marshall (IMMA), Fine art and the Great Famine; Niamh O'Sullivan (NCAD), High art and popular culture, Dublin 1821; Philip McEvansoneya (TCD), The reliquary of St Lachtin's arm in 1884; Elizabeth Boyle (U Cambridge), Margaret Stokes and medieval Irish art; Catherine Lawless (UL), Saints and representations; Leon Litvack (QUB), James Robinson's The death of Chatterton; Justin Carville (IADT), The search for photographic 'types'; Virginia Crossman (Oxford Brookes), Irish poor law in the post-Famine period; Olivier Coquelin (U Western Brittany), Mitchel's Jail Journal and Davitt's Leaves from a prison diary; Carla King (St Pat's, DCU), Davitt and the press; Maxime Leroy (U Mulhouse), Samuel Lover's Handy Andy; Robin J. Kavanagh (NUIM), Irish religious periodicals; Felix M. Larkin (ind.), Thomas Sexton, W.H. Brayden and the Freeman's Journal; Patrick Maume (RIA), Margaret Cusack and Ultramontane print culture; Kiera Lindsey (U Melbourne), Sydney 1844, Lanty O'Liffey and The currency lass; Pat Naughtin (U Melbourne), The Melbourne Advocate, 1868-1900; Sean O Duinnsleibhe (UCC), Daibhi de Barra's translations; Sarah Roddy (QUB), Guides for Irish emigrants by clergymen, c.1830-82.

273 pages

Publication Date: 8/16/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846822315