The Irish Franciscans, 1534-1990

Edited by: John McCafferty, Joseph MacMahon, Edel Bhreathnach

2009 marks the 800th anniversary of the foundation of the Franciscan Order. To mark the world wide celebration of the Order's foundation, this volume examines all aspects of the Irish Franciscans and their impact in Ireland and on the Continent. It includes chronological accounts of their history from 1540 to 1990 and thematic studies on their legacy in historical writings, hagiography, catechism, philosophy, Irish literature, missionary work, art and architecture. The volume also covers the history of the Poor Clares in Ireland. Particular attention is given to the history of St Anthony's College Louvain founded by the Irish Franciscans in 1607. Contributors include: Patrick Conlan OFM, Bernadette Cunningham, Mary E. Daly, Ignatius Fennessy OFM, Raymond Gillespie, Malgorzata Krasnodebska-D'Aughton, Colm Lennon, Mary Ann Lyons, Micheal MacCraith OFM, Joseph MacMahon OFM, Michael O'Neill, Padraig O Riain, Salvador Ryan, Martin Stone.

413 pages

Publication Date: 10/26/2009
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846822100

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