Conflicts in the North of Ireland, 1900-2000

Flashpoints and Fracture Zones

Edited by: Alan F. Parkinson, Eamon Phoenix

This collection of essays looks at different aspects of conflict and polarization in the north of Ireland during the 20th Century and illustrates that division was never far from the surface in northern society. Contents include: The Belfast Blitz * Ulster Unionist Resistance to the 3rd Home Rule Bill, 1912-1914 * The Irish Language under Old Stormont * Northern Ireland 1932 * The Island of Ireland Peace Park * Education and Community Division in Northern Ireland, 1920-1970 * The 1907 Dock Strike * The Northern Ireland Civil Rights Movement * Dark Clouds on Southern Horizons * The 1935 Ancaster Street Riots and the Republican Split of January 1970 and Divisions in Sinn Fein since 1986 * Education in a Divided Society * The Twenties' Troubles and the Poppy Day Bombing - Enniskillen 1987 * The Development of Partition, 1900-1921 and Cahir Healy, 1877-1970 * The NILP - A Noble Failure?

288 pages

Publication Date: 10/13/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846821899