The Irish Contribution to European Scholastic Thought

Edited by: James McEvoy, Michael Dunne

This book is a celebration of 100 years of Scholastic Philosophy at Queen's University, Belfast. Contents: Foreword by Cardinal C.B. Daly; C. Kavanagh (UL) on John Scottus Eriugena and the uses of dialectic; Bishop J. Fleming on Gille of Limerick; M. Dunne (NUIM) on Peter of Ireland and Aristotelianism in Southern Italy; J. McEvoy (QUB) on Thomas of Ireland and minor Scholastics of Irish origin to AD 1500; D. Lawell on Thomas of Ireland, the Pseudo-Dionysius and the ecclesiastical hierarchy; Michael Haren (IMC) on Richard Fitzralph of Dundalk, Oxford and Armagh; R'? hUiginn (NUIM) on aspects of the Irish language and medieval learning; M. Stone (U Leauven) on the Irish contribution to early modern Scotism; A.M. Appollonio (Seminario Teologico of the Frati Francescani) on Hugh McCawell on the knowledge of individuals; L. Chambers (UL) on Irish Catholics and Aristotelian Scholastic philosophy in early modern France; G. Jennings (Irish Philosophical Society) on Peter Coffey, 1876-1943; P. Rosemann (U Dallas) on the future of scholastic thought and E. Gaines on some 20th-century Irish publishers of philosophy.

320 pages

Publication Date: 7/10/2009
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846821653