Music, Ireland and the Seventeenth Century

Irish Musical Studies 10

Edited by: Kerry Houston, Barra Boydell

The 17th century is a pivotal but unfamiliar period in Irish musical history: reflecting political and cultural changes, the ancient harp tradition declined as European musical styles became more widespread. In this volume, the 10th in the Irish Musical Studies series, musicologists begin to establish a picture of music in Ireland at that time. Contents: Barra Boydell, The 17th century and the history of music in Ireland; Raymond Gillespie (NUIM), 17th-century Irish music and its cultural context; Sean Donnelly, The harp in 17th-century Ireland; John Cunningham (U Leeds), The Irish harp in non-Irish contexts in the 17th century; Adrian Scahill (NUIM), 'Traditional' music in 17th century Ireland; Barra Boydell, The earl of Cork's musicians; Barra Boydell & Maire Egan-Buffet (UCD), Books on music in the library of Lord Edward Conway (1602-55); Christopher D.S. Field (U Edinburgh): Birchensha's 'Mathematical way of composure'; Andrew Robinson, Narcissus Marsh; Martin Adams (TCD), Henry Purcell and the 'Awful matron'; Kerry Houston, The repertoire in the Dublin cathedrals at the restoration of Charles II; Denise Neary (RIA of Music), Church music in the 17th century. (Series: Irish Musical Studies)

211 pages

Publication Date: 5/31/2009
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846821400