Lordship in Medieval Ireland

Image and Reality

Edited by: Linda Doran, James Lyttleton

In this volume of the Study of Irish Historic Settlement series, scholars from the perspectives of archaeology, art history, and history offer insights into the development and consolidation of lordship in medieval Ireland as well as its demise by the advent of the 17th century. Contents include: Edel Bhreatnach (U.C. Dublin), Perceptions of kingship in early medieval Irish vernacular literature --- Howard B. Clarke (RIA), Lordship and feudalism in north-western Europe in the~High Middle Ages --- Linda Doran (RSAI), Economic and military lordship in the Carlow Corridor, c.1200-1350 --- Emmett O'Byrne (UCD), The MacMurroughs and the marches of Leinster, 1170-1340 --- Margaret Murphy (ind.), Roger Bigod and the lordship of Carlow, 1266-1306 --- John Malcolm (U Glasgow), Castles and landscapes in U? Fhiachrach Muaidhe, c.1235- c.1400 --- Freya Verstraten (TCD), Images of Gaelic lordship in Ireland, c.1200- c.1400 --- Paul Naessens (NUIG), The lordship of the U? Fhlaithbheartaigh of Iar Connacht --- Connie Kelleher (DEHLG), The Gaelic O'Driscoll lords of Baltimore, Co. Cork --- James Lyttleton (Eachtra Projects), The MacCoghlans of Delvin Eathra

288 pages

Publication Date: 12/10/2007
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846820410