Dante and the Church

Literary and Historical Essays

Edited by: Paolo Acquaviva, Jennifer Petrie

The topic of Dante's attitude to the Church has exercised scholars since the 14th century, with the Reformation adding fuel to the question. The essays contained in this volume, however, are concerned with situating Dante in the context of his own time. Contents: Gary Dickson (U. Edinburgh), "Dante, Boniface VIII and the Jubilee;" George Holmes (U. Oxford), "Dante and the Franciscans;" Jennifer Petrie (UCD), "Dante, Boniface VIII and Jacopone da Todi;" Alexander Murray (University College, Oxford), "Purgatory and the spatial imagination;" Paola Nasti (U. Reading), "Images of the Church in Dante's Heaven of the Sun;" Matthew Kempshall (Wadham College, Oxford), "Ecclesiology and political thought in Dante's Monarchia;" Catherine Keen (UCL), "(Mis)readings of clerical and civic duty in Inferno XXIII."

240 pages

Publication Date: 8/25/2007
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846820267