Music in Nineteenth-Century Ireland

Irish Musical Studies Vol 9

Edited by: Michael Murphy, Jan Smaczny

This book, the 9th volume in the Irish Musical Studies Series, collects 15 essays on various aspects of musical life in Ireland in the 19th century, including sacred and secular musical life in various centres; collections of Irish traditional music, the reception of Irish traditional music in literature, painting and Victorian society; music education; issues concerning opera; the nature of the musical press; the use of music for social altruism; the music of R.P. Stewart; the dialogue between Germany and Ireland; the Czechs and Irish music. Contributors: Paul Rodmell (U. Birmingham), Anne Dempsey (ind.), Roy Johnston (ind.), Paul Collins (Mary I.), Marie McCarthy (U. Maryland), Maria McHale (ind.), Jimmy O'Brien Moran (U. Limerick), Barra Boydell (NUIM), David Cooper (U. Leeds), Ita Beausang (ind.), Michael Murphy (Mary I.), Lisa Parker (Mary I.), Harry White (UCD), Joachim Fischer (U. Limerick), Jan Smaczny (QUB), Axel Klein (ind.). (Series: Irish Musical Studies)

336 pages

Publication Date: 1/20/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846820243