Archives and Archivists

Edited by: Ailsa C. Holland, Kate Manning

University College Dublin has provided education on archives for 35 years mainly in the Archives Department. This book of essays celebrates its role in a timely manner as the Archives Department has become part of the new UCD School of History and Archives. The topics covered here include aspects of the history of archives, record keeping, ethics and ethical issues, the publication of diaries, digitisation and digital preservation, the representation of archives in literature, the use of archives in education, the curatorship of ancient, medieval and early modern archives, the management of church and local authority archives, and, the exploration of the impact of documents in everyday life. Contributors include: Mary Clark (Dublin City Library), Lisa Collins (UCD), Michelle Cooney (Christian Brothers Archives, St Helen's Province), Marianne Cosgrave (Mercy Congregational Archives), Clare Hackett (Guinness Archive), Charles Horton (CBL), Donal Moore (Waterford City Council), Colum O'Riordan (Irish Architectural Archives), Joanne Rothwell (Waterford County Council), and David Sheehy, (Archdiocese of Dublin Archives Service).

230 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2006
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846820168