Capacity to Change

Understanding and Assessing a Parent's Capacity to Change within the Timescales of the Child

By Bryn Williams, Emma Peart, Roger Young, David Briggs

In the UK, keeping children at home with their families, while seeking to protect them from significant harm, remains a challenge for legal, social care, health care, and education professionals. At a time when expert evidence is relied upon less to inform critical decisions in children's lives, this volume brings together a range of specialists involved with assessing whether a parent has the ability to change in order to meet their child's needs, and to do so within the child's time scales. From a developmental perspective, the book explores a wide range of issues, each with a focus on the central issue of capacity and timescales, including attachment needs, child abuse and developmental trauma, as well as the needs of the adults, including their mental health, learning difficulties, and drug/alcohol misuse. Using evidence and clinical practice, the book provides a formulation matrix for understanding the necessary process that is required in undertaking robust child law case assessments. The book is written with reference to models of practice and evidence, but also written by practitioners sharing UK case examples and insights into clinical work. [Subject: Family Law, Children's Law, Social Care]

Publication Date: 5/31/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846619199

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