Social Media in the Workplace

A Handbook

By Chris Bryden, Michael Salter

This book is intended as a handbook for advisers to UK employers, providing an overview of the various legal issues that can arise in the workplace through the use and application of social media. It explains the application of UK law to the use of social media in the workplace, providing employers with guidance to their IT and social media policies and provides a guide to professionals and those responsible for employees. The book focuses on the preventative steps that can be taken by employers to safeguard themselves and their employees from risk. Such risks include: employee behavior via social media that could give rise to disciplinary or dismissal procedures or which might impact on other employees; the need to safeguard data and the extent to which employers are able to monitor social media usage by their employees; and the risks that social media poses in respect of other claims, such as pursuant to the UK's Protection from Harassment Act 1997. [Subject: Employment Law, Information Technology Law]

Publication Date: 10/22/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846618987