Rights of Light

The Modern Law (Third Edition)

By Andrew Francis, Tom Weekes, Stephen Bickford-Smith

In the UK, rights of light are a distinctive and complex branch of the law of easements. When advising on property developments, it is essential that practitioners have a clear grasp of the legal principles and their practical application. Written by a team of specialists, this third edition takes into account developments in UK law and practice, giving targeted coverage of rights of light, combining an explanation of legal framework with practical commentary about UK procedures and remedies, and it contains contributions from surveyors on measuring and valuing loss of light. Contents include: The Property Law Context * Rights of Light Defined and Contrasted * Extent of Rights of Light * Buildings and Structures Capable of Enjoying Rights of Light * Extinguishment of Rights of Light * Deeds Regulating Rights of Light * Remedies I - Injunctions and Damages in Substitution or in Addition to Injunctions * Remedies II - Damages: Various Matters * Remedies III - Declaratory Relief, Abatement, and Land Registry Adjudication * Measurement and Valuation of Light * Rights of Light and Planning Law * Conveyancing Issues which Affect Rights of Light * Human Rights Issues in Rights of Light Law * Insurance Against Rights of Light Claims * The High Hedges Legislation * Appendices. [Subject: Property Law, Planning Law]

Publication Date: 1/15/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846618635