A Director's Guide to Duties

By Michael Griffiths, Matthew Griffiths

In the UK, whether an individual is personally setting up a company, joining a corporate board, or reaching director level via an internal promotion, one will need to be aware of the legal implications that are attached to the role as a company director. These are known as directors' duties, some of which are codified in the UK's Companies Act 2006. However, these codified duties are merely the tip of the legal iceberg of which directors have to be aware. There are numerous other duties, ranging from maintaining proper accounts, making returns to the UK's Registrar of Companies, and not trading the company after the point where an insolvent liquidation beckons. This book distills the rules into layman's language by looking at the role of the company director. It uses a question and answer format, such as: "I've just been appointed as a director, what legal formalities do I need to comply with?" Or, "I want to borrow money from my company to buy myself a new car. Can I do this and, if so, how?" Or, "I want to defer my dividend, how do I do this?" Contents include: Incorporation * Appointment and Formalities * People Who Cannot Be Directors * The Contract of Employment * Termination of a Directorship * The Capitalization of the Company * Articles and Shareholder Agreements * What Does the Board Do? * Rights of Members * Directors' Dealings with Their Companies * The Codified Duties of Directors * Corporate Governance * Meetings * Cyber Security. [Subject: Company Law]

Publication Date: 1/14/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846618307