Urgent Applications in the Court of Protection

Second Edition

By Her Honour Nazreen Pearce, District Judge Sue Jackson

The UK's Mental Capacity Act 2005 has changed the role and work of the Court of Protection. The court's jurisdiction now extends, not only to UK financial and property matters, but also to health and welfare issues and disputes relating to lasting powers of attorney. The enlarged jurisdiction has introduced formal rules and procedures which must be followed. Court users therefore need to be familiar with the new regime, particularly where there is a degree of urgency, in order to ensure that applications are made in the correct form and contain the appropriate supporting information. This fully updated and re-structured second edition is an invaluable guide for professionals in the UK - including barristers, solicitors, local authority lawyers, health authorities, and National Health Service Trusts - working with incapacitated adults. For each topic, there is a law and practice section, procedural guide, precedents, and draft orders. Contents include: general principles * suspension and revocation of deputy appointment * enduring powers of attorney * revocation of lasting powers of attorney * statutory wills * welfare decisions - residence, contact, sexual relations * urgent medical treatment * serious medical treatment * deprivation of liberty * children * publicity, restrictions on publication, and attendance by representatives of the media * disclosure * enforcement * appeals.

Publication Date: 3/14/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846618093