Taking Security

Third Edition

By Richard Calnan

In the UK, the factor which distinguishes secured transactions from other types of transaction is that security generally needs to be registered. In April 2013, the rules concerning the registration of charges created by companies and LLPs were changed, and this has necessitated the substantial re-writing of the chapter on registration. The changes have also affected the UK's law concerning the priority of security. This book explains how security - the creation and enforcement of proprietary rights to secure the payment of a monetary liability - is taken under English law. It offers a detailed explanation of types of security, creation, priority, and enforcement. The book is mainly concerned with property and insolvency law, two areas where security is tested and enforced. Authoritative in approach, it provides guidance on both the legal principles and practical issues involved in taking and challenging security. It will be an essential reference for litigation lawyers when disputes arise, as well as for insolvency lawyers and accountants.

638 pages

Publication Date: 10/30/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846617386