Standard Conditions of Sale

A Conveyancer's Guide (Eighth Edition)

By Frances Silverman

This popular and well-established work will guide the reader through the requirements for a legally binding contract for the sale of land in England and Wales, and provides a detailed commentary on the Standard Conditions of Sale, which normally forms the basis of the contract. This eighth edition provides clear and comprehensive commentary on a number of new developments including: ** the fifth edition of the Law Society's Standard Conditions (2011) ** new editions of Protocol and related documentation which affects residential conveyancing ** major changes introduced by the Solicitors Code of Conduct (2011) ** new edition of the RICS Auction Conditions ** significant changes to mortgage practice by changes to CML Handbook and introduction of BSA Mortgage Instructions ** general and significant alterations caused by new statute and case law

364 pages

Publication Date: 7/24/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846617348