Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Ireland

A Handbook for Family Lawyers and Their Clients

By Josepha Madigan

In Irish family law, Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a huge growth area which is being promoted both by government, at a policy level and by statute, and also by knowledgeable clients. The economic climate has facilitated a shift toward cost saving and non-court resolution options, such as collaborative practice and mediation. Ireland's draft Mediation Bill 2012 provides that solicitors and barristers have a duty to provide information and advice on mediation. This book is the first on this topic devoted to the requirements of the Irish market and assists family lawyers to embrace ADR as an integral part of their practice and educate family law clients on the workings and advantages of ADR. Contents include: the development of family law in Ireland since the introduction of judicial separation and divorce * the adversarial nature of the family court system * the lack of resources within the current system * mediation * collaborative practice * neutral experts in family ADR * finality within reason

540 pages

Publication Date: 7/23/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846613296