APIL Guide to RTA Liability

Second Edition

Edited by: Andrew Ritchie

Now in its second edition, APIL Guide to RTA Liability is written by a team of specialist personal injury (PI) lawyers and provides detailed practical guidance on every aspect of UK road traffic accident (RTA) liability. Thoroughly updated, the book is broken down into 26 accessible chapters, each focusing on a particular aspect of RTA liability, including coverage of: claims made in the UK arising from foreign accidents * the new EC directive consolidating all old RTA directives * pedestrians run down when drunk * failure to wear a seat belt * the definition of a motor vehicle * a new section containing draft model pleadings. Contents include: incidence of RTA claims in England and Wales * general principles of liability * low velocity crashes * liability for learner drivers * owner's liability * passenger's liability * driver's liability (speed and braking, overtaking, turning and side roads, traffic lights, road sign, and roundabouts) * bicyclist's liability * motor cyclist's liability * emergency vehicle's liability * pedestrian's liability * liability of children and schools * local authority liability * roadside neighbor's liability * liability for injuries caused by animals * liability for spillages and obstructions on the highway * public service vehicles * accidents abroad * insurer's liability * motor insurer bureau's liability * precedents.

426 pages

Publication Date: 4/30/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846613234