Children and Same Sex Families

A Legal Handbook

By Anthony Hayden, Jai Penna, Marisa Allman, Sarah Greenan, Elina Nhinda-Latvio

This portable handbook brings together the up-to-date statutory and jurisprudential position in UK family law appertaining to same sex couples, with an emphasis on children, where the law is at its most complex. For example, in the UK, the same family unit can be in a very different legal position depending on when and how the children are conceived and the status of the relationship between the parents or between the parent and the child. This is an invaluable guide to a rapidly evolving area of UK law, written for all family lawyers and related professionals - in charities, local authorities, healthcare trusts, adoption agencies, and benefits agencies - who provide advice and support to same sex families. Contents include: parenthood * surrogacy and parental orders * registration * residence and contact following the breakdown of relationships * adoption * care proceedings for families involving same sex relationships * personal safety and the safety of children of same sex relationships * human rights * status * the breakdown of civil partnership and its effect on children * cohabiting couples * succession * welfare * benefits * pension provision * housing and tenancies.

696 pages

Publication Date: 4/30/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846613197