APIL Guide to Occupational Illness Claims

Second Edition

Edited by: Christopher Goddard

APIL Guide to Occupational Illness Claims is a practical handbook designed for all those involved in this area of UK specialist personal injury litigation. It is a one-stop source of reference, which provides: an outline of the myriad statutory provisions which regulate this area and the effective date of those provisions, helping to identify which provision was in force at the date of exposure * the nature and medical background to common occupational illnesses * an explanation of the problems associated with complicated expert evidence * practical advice on pursuing and valuing the claim, the procedure for restoring companies to the register, etc. * expertly drafted precedents, draft schedules of damages, and model pleadings. This second edition has been completely rewritten by a team personal injury lawyers, taking into account major changes in UK law and practice, including: a reworked and extended chapter on causation dealing with the development of UK law * putting the law into context for practical litigation * a more detailed treatment of stress at work claims, incorporating the latest judicial attitudes applying the accepted principles in Barber v Somerset County Council * an expanded chapter on Limitation that provides detailed guidance on constructive knowledge and section 33 discretion.

336 pages

Publication Date: 4/30/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846613111