Dear David: A Memo to the Norgrove Committee from the Dartington Conference 2011

The Collected Papers of the 2011 Dartington Hall Conference

Edited by: Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Thorpe, William Tyzack

The 2011 Interdisciplinary Conference, held at Dartington Hall, assembled a uniquely qualified group of contributors drawn from the many professions involved in the work of the UK's family justice system. This book brings together their papers, and it will be essential reading for all those involved in the family law field. The contributions include: Playing Safe? The Family Justice Review and the Management of Risk in Private Law Cases * A Brave New World for Family Justice? Opportunities and Challenges for Reforms in Private Law Cases * ABE Interviews, Children's Testimony, and Hearing the Voice of the Child in Family Cases: Are We Barking up the Right Tree? * Reform of the Family Court (Delivering a Unified System, Specialist Judiciary, Allocation, Judicial Continuity, the Role of Lay Magistrates, and the Role of the President in a Single Family Court) * The Single Family Court * Legal Aid Reform and the Family Justice Review * Reforming Care Proceedings - A Socio-Legal Perspective * Reforming Care Proceedings - A Judicial Perspective: The Challenge of Changing the Approach of Practitioners and the Judiciary * The Munro Review of Child Protection: Final Report - A Child-Centered System * Routes to Permanence: Achieving Stability and a 'Sense of Permanence' for Children Who May Need Out-of-Home Care * Pre-Proceedings Processes in Children's Social Care

156 pages

Publication Date: 11/13/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846613081

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