Judicial Review

A Practical Guide (Second Edition)

By Amanda Weston, Hugh Southey, Jude Bunting

Judicial Review: A Practical Guide is a handbook which is the first port of call in all matters concerning judicial review applications in the UK, whether in civil or criminal proceedings. From initial instructions to appeals and costs, the book guides the reader through each step of the court process, and provides extensive UK case examples drawn from a broad range of claims. This readable and concise work includes procedural checklists and a library of precedents. This second edition has been significantly amended to take account of the following developments in UK law and practice, including: development of the Unified Tribunal system with transfers of judicial reviews * regionalization of administrative court * clear development of mistake of fact as a mistake of law * increasing understanding of the impact of the Human Rights Act * limitations upon judicial review in the context of immigration * ongoing case law developments * changes to appeals (CPR Pt 52) * developments in costs and funding. In addition to the authors' commentary, Judicial Review: A Practical Guide contains over 20 precedents covering all aspects of the litigation process, together with all the main legislative and judicial materials.

632 pages

Publication Date: 4/30/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846612954