Loose on Liquidators

The Role of a Liquidator in a Winding Up (Seventh Edition)

By Peter Loose, Michael Griffiths

Loose on Liquidators is a guide to UK law relating to company liquidations and the important role of the liquidator in a winding up, including their powers, their duties, and their relationship to creditors, members, receivers, and the court. The book provides invaluable specialist advice and essential time-saving reference materials. Now in its seventh edition, this definitive work on successful liquidations has been completely updated and expanded to include all the latest UK developments in liquidation practice and procedure. Contents include: status of a liquidator * commencement of voluntary winding up * the EC regulation on insolvency proceedings * compulsory winding up * effects of winding up and appointment of the liquidator * powers of the liquidator * creditors * the liquidation committee and meetings * matters arising in winding up * payments of debts * rights and liabilities of members * completion of winding up

726 pages

Publication Date: 3/31/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781846612893