APIL Guide to Child Abuse Compensation Claims

Second Edition

By Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel, Malcolm Johnson, Richard Scorer, Justin Levinson

This second edition - previously published as Child Abuse Compensation Claims - is a practical UK guide that provides personal injury lawyers with all the information they need to undertake compensation claims for clients in the UK who have suffered from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. The second edition has been extensively revised and rewritten, and now includes UK guidance on claims against the Church, abuse of elderly and vulnerable people, and funding and enforcement. Contents include: The Background and History of Child Abuse Claims * The Statutory Framework * Causes of Action * Causation and Quantum * Limitation * Claims against the Church * Criminal Injuries Compensation * Evidence and Experts * Abuse of Vulnerable Persons * Funding and Enforcement.

394 pages

Publication Date: 3/28/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781846612558